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Call of Duty 4 AWE 4 Mod!
[ ] 14.09.2008, 11:10

AWE Game Mode Switches:

-awe oldschool (allows control over many aspects of this game mode)

-awe fullyloaded (awe_modwarfare)

-awe hardcore – fully working hardcore mode (with proper hardcore playerhealth setting)

-awe "force class" - either per-team, or for all players - no menus, just admin-options to assign what weapons, class, etc.

AWE Health System:

-awe spawn protection (3 modes of protection)

-awe regen method - 4 settings if regen is on

-awe healthbar

-awe drop health packs (custom health pack model, with life span for the packs, so they disappear after time)

AWE Hardpoint System
allows complete control over hardpoints. Some of the dvars:
set awe_hardpoints 1 //Turn off or on hardpoints globally
set awe_hardpoint_allowuav 1
set awe_hardpoint_allow_airstrike 1
set awe_hardpoint_allow_helicopter 1
set awe_hardpoint_forceuav 0
set awe_hardpoint_uav_streak 3 //max: 50
set awe_hardpoint_air_streak 5 //max: 50
set awe_hardpoint_heli_streak 7 //max: 50

awe anti-lag (turn off anti lag. overrides forced anti-lag on)
awe ranking (non-persistant)
awe pre-match "ready up" (gametype delay)
awe switch-teams (allied players become axis; vice versa. either half time, or every round)
awe anti-jumpshot/anti-dive bombing monitor
awe spectating (cod2 method)
awe auto balance (cod2 method - fully fixed round balance)
awe anti-camper/anti-afk monitor
awe team-killing monitor, with kick player option
awe server messages
awe welcome messages
awe custom clan logo feature (loop fading)
awe weapon drop control – class based
awe nade drop control – class based
awe shell shock control
awe earthquake control
awe deathicon control
awe stop objective points
awe laser dot
awe handle-dead bodies (sink if ragdoll is off; delete if not)
awe team status (num of players dead/alive)
awe intermission system - music and time settings
awe pain sounds
awe death sounds
awe bloody screen
3 custom gametypes (so far): Capture the Flag, Capture the Flag (back), and Hold the Flag.

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